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Proof Of Marriage


Article 94. – Certificate of Marriage.
Marriage is proved by producing the certificate of marriage drawn up at the time or after the celebration of the marriage accordance with the law.

Article 95. – Proof in Default of Certificate of Marriage.
When it is difficult to prove marriage by producing certificate of marriage due to the fact that the marriage has not been registered or such register has been lost, it shall be proved by the possession of status of spouse.

Article 96. – Possession of Status (1) Definition.
A man and a woman are deemed to have the possession of status of spouses when they mutually consider themselves and live as spouses and when they are considered and treated as such by their family and the community.

Article 97. – (2) Proof of Marriage by Possession of Status.
1)    Where a person alleging the existence of marriage proves the possession of status of spouse in accordance with the preceding Article, the court may presume that marriage has been concluded.
2)    The presumption in Sub-Article (1) of this Article may be rebutted by producing any kind of reliable evidence.