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Art. 358.- Who may file opposition
Any person who should or could have been made a party to suit and whose interests are affected by a judgment in the suit may, if he was not a party to such suit either in person or through a representative, file opposition to such judgment at any time before such judgment is executed.

Art 359.- Form of opposition
(1)    An opposition shall be in the form of a petition which shall, on payment of the prescribed court fee, be field in the court having given the judgment opposed to.
(2)    The petition shall specify:
(a)    the name and place of the court in which the petition is filed;
(b)    the name and address of the petitioner;
(c)    the names of the parties to the case in which the judgment opposed to was given;
(d)    the name of the court which gave the judgment opposed to, the date of such judgment and the number of the suit in which it was given;
(e)    the grounds of opposition; and
(f)    the nature of the relief sough.
(3)    the  petition shall be accompanied by an affidavit of the truth of the facts therein alleged.
(4)    An application for sty off execution of the judgment opposed to may, where appropriate, be filed together with the petition.

Art. 360.- Effect opposition.
(1)    On the filing of a petition under Art.  359, the court shall fix a day for hearing the opposition and shall cause a copy of the petition to be served on all the persons who were parties to the case in which the judgment opposed to was given together with a summons to appear or such day.
(2)    The proceedings upon the filing of the oppositions shall be subject to the same provisions as the proceedings upon the original action and the court may on the completion of such proceedings confirm, vary or set aside the judgment opposed to.