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Negarit Gazeta October 2003

Proclamation No. 371/2003 The Convention On International Interests In Mobile Equipment And The Protocol To The Convention Of Matters Specific To Aircraft Equipment Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 372/2003 The Proclamation To Provide For A Warehouse Receipts System



Proclamation No. 181/1999 Transfer Of The Monopoly Right Of The National Tobacco Enterprise To The National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia) Share Company Proclamation



Proclamation No. 373/2003 The Convention For The Protection Of Cultural Property In The Event Of Armed Conflict And Its First Protocol Accession Proclamation



Proclamation No. 374/2003 Convention On The Means Of Prohibiting And Preventing The Illicit Import, Export And Transfer Of Ownership Of Cultural Property Ratification Proclamation



Regulation No. 92/2003 Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise Establishment Regulation (Amendment)



Regulation No. 93/2003 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation Establishment Regulation (Amendment)



Regulation No. 94/2003 Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Establishment (Amendment) Regulation




Proclamation No. 375/2003 Investment (Amendment) Proclamation



Proclamation No. 376/2003 A Proclamation To Amend The Commercial Registration And Business Licensing Proclamation



Regulation No.95/2003 Commercial Registration And Licensing /Amendment/ Regulation



Ministry Of Trade And Industry Fees For Commercial Registration And Business Licensing Table



Regulation No.96/2003 Addis Ababa City Police Commission Establishment Regulation



Proclamation No.377/2003 Labor Proclamation No.377/2003



Proclamation No.378/2003 Ethiopian Nationality Proclamation



Proclamation No.379/2003 Ratification Of The Amendment To Article VI Of The Statute Of The International Atomic Energy Agency Proclamation



Proclamation No.380/2004 Reorganization Of The Executive Organs Of The Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia /Amendment/ Proclamation



Proclamation No.381/2004 Institute Of Biodiversity Conservation And Research Establishment /Amendment/ Proclamation



Proclamation No.382/2004 Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization Establishment (Amendment) Proclamation




Proclamation No.383/2004 Disaster Prevention And Preparedness Commission Establishment /Amendment/ Proclamation




Proclamation No.384/2004 Vagrancy Control Proclamation



Proclamation No.391/2004 Technical And Vocational Education And Training Proclamation



Proclamation No.394/2004 The Protocol Relation To The Fund For Cooperation, Compensation And Development Of The Common Market For Eastern And Southern Africa (COMESA) Ratification Proclamation



Regulation No.97/2004 Agricultural Mechanization Service Enterprise Establishment Regulation



Regulation No. 98/2004 Financial Public Enterprises Agency Establishment Regulation



Regulation No. 99/2004 Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Establishment Regulation /Amendment/ Regulations



Regulation No. 100/2004 Ethiopian Seed Enterprise Establishment /Amendment/ Regulation



Regulation No. 101/2004 Providing Foreign Nationals Of Ethiopian Origin With Certain Rights And Privileges To Be Exercised In Their Country Of Origin Regulation



Proclamation No.395/2004 Procedure Of Pardon Proclamation



Proclamation No.396/2004 Protocol For The Inter-Parliamentary Union Of IGAD Member States Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No.398/2004 Inquiry Commission To Investigate The Conflict That Took Place In Gambela Regional State On December 13, 2003 Establishment Proclamation



Regulation No. 102/2004 Dissolution Of The Addis Metal Pressings Enterprise Regulation



Proclamation No.401/2004 Appropriation Of Land For Government Works And Payment Of Compensation For Property Proclamation



Proclamation No.402/2004 Cooperative Societies (Amendment) Proclamation



Regulation No. 103/2004 The Council Of Ministers regulation For The Establishment Of Federal Board To Provide Affirmative Support For Less Developed Region Regulation



Regulation No. 104/2004 Micro And Small Enterprises Development Agency Establishment (Amendment) Regulation



Regulation No. 105/2004 Leather And Leather Products Technology Institute Establishment (Amendment) Regulation Of Cultural Property Ratification Proclamation



Regulation No. 106/2004 Council of Ministers Regulation No. 106/2004 To Provide For The Implementation Of Cooperative Societies Proclamation No. 147/1998



Cooperative Commission Schedule Of Fees For Certificate Service



Proclamation No.407/2004 Agreement Establishing The Sana’s Forum For Cooperation Ratification Proclamation




Proclamation No.408/2004 Addis Ababa City Government Revised Charter (Amendment) Proclamation



Proclamation No.409/2004 Refugee Proclamation



Proclamation No.410/2004 Copyright And Neighbouring Rights Protection Proclamation



Proclamation No.411/2004 A Proclamation To Amend The Re-Organization Of The Executive Organs Of The Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia



Proclamation No.412/2004 A Proclamation To Provide For The Establishment Of The Privatization And Public Enterprises Supervising Authority



Proclamation No.413/2004 A Proclamation To Amend The Quality And Standards Authority Of Ethiopia Establishment



Proclamation No.415/2004 Sugar Industry Development Fund Establishment Proclamation



Proclamation No.416/2004 The Dire Dawa Administration Charter Proclamation



Regulation No. 107/2004 Distribution Of Profits Of Public Enterprises Regulation



Regulation No. 108/2004 Customs Clearing Agents Regulation



Regulation No. 109/2004 Water Works Construction Enterprise Establishment (Amendment) Regulation



Regulation No. 110/2004 Water Works Design And Supervision Enterprise Establishment (Amendment) Regulation