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Negarit Gazeta January 2009

Proclamation No. 556/2008 Establishment Of The Secretariat Of The House Of The Federation



Regulation No. 142/2008 The Council Of Ministers Regulation To Provide For The Implementation Of African Peer Review Mechanism In Ethiopia



Proclamation No. 558/2008 Proclamation To Repeal The Federal Urban Planning Institute Establishment



Proclamation No. 559/2008 Vehicle Insurance Against Third Party Risks Proclamation



Regulation No. 143/2008 The Ethiopian Meat And Dairy Technology Institute Establishment Regulation



Council Of Ministers Regulation No. 144/2008 To Provide For The Functioning Of Ethics Liaison Units



Council Of Ministers Regulation No. 145/2008 To Provide For The Establishment Of The Ethiopian Scientific Equipment Centre



Proclamation No. 565/2008 African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty (Pelindaba Treaty) Ratification



Proclamation No. 566/2008 The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange Authority Establishment Proclamation Amendment



Proclamation No. 567/2008 Raw And Semi-Processed Hides And Skins Export Tax Proclamation



Regulation No. 146/2008 Council Of Ministers Regulation To Amend The Investment Incentives And Investment Areas Reserved For Domestic Investors



Proclamation No. 568/2008 Right To Employment Of Persons With Disability



Proclamation No. 570/2008 Excise Tax (Amendment) Proclamation



Proclamation No. 571/2008 Radiation Protection Proclamation



Proclamation No. 572/2008 Period Of Limitation For Submission Of Restitution Claims And The Repossession Of Public Properties Taken Through Unlawful Restitutions



Regulation No. 147/2008 Council Of Ministers Regulation To Amend The Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise Establishment



Regulation No. 148/2008 Defence Construction And Engineering Enterprise Establishment



Regulation No. 149/2008 Kality Construction And Construction Materials Production Enterprise Establishment



Regulation No. 150/2008 Nazareth Canvas Sewing And Garment Factory Establishment



Proclamation No. 574/2008 Urban Planning Proclamation




Regulation No. 151/2008 Council Of Ministers Regulation To Establish Abbay Basin High Council and Authority



Proclamation No. 575/2008 Ethiopian Wildlife Development And Conservation Authority Establishment Proclamation




Proclamation No. 576/2008 International Convention On The Harmonized Commodity Description And Coding System Ratification Proclamation Amendment




Proclamation No. 581/2008 Water Resources Development Fund Establishment And Administration (Amendment)



Regulation No. 152/2008 The Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency Establishment



Proclamation No. 587/2008 Ethiopian Revenues And Customs Authority Establishment



Proclamation No. 589/2008 Road Development Projects Revolving Fund Establishment




Regulation No. 153/2008 Customs Tariffs (Amendment) Regulation



Regulation No. 154/2008 Higher Education Cost-Sharing Regulation



Regulation No. 155/2008 Administration Of Employees Of The Ethiopian Revenues And Customs Authority



Proclamation No. 591/2008 The National Bank Of Ethiopia Establishment (as Amended) Proclamation




Proclamation No. 593/2008 Transfer Of Rights And Obligations Of Disaster Prevention And Preparedness Commission To The Ministry Of Agriculture And Rural Development



Proclamation No. 592/2008 Banking Business Proclamation



Proclamation No. 600/2008 Driver’s Qualification Certification/License Proclamation



Proclamation No. 601/2008 Convention For The Protection And Promotion Of The Diversity Of Cultural Expressions Ratification




Proclamation No. 602/2008 Coffee Quality Control And Marketing Proclamation



Proclamation No. 573/2008 The Revised Political Parties Registration Proclamation



Regulation No. 156/2008 Awash Basin High Council And Authority Establishment



Proclamation No. 590/2008 Freedom Of The Mass Media And Access To Information Proclamation