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7023 Bole Kifle Ketema, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Negarit Gazeta January 2008

 Regulation No. 169/2009 Access To Genetic Resources And Community Knowledge, And Community Rights Regulation



Regulation No. 168/2009 Charities And Societies Regulation



Regulation No. 167/2009 Federal Hospitals Administration Regulation



Proclamation No. 650/2009 Higher Education Proclamation



Proclamation No. 655/2009 Biosafety Proclamation



Proclamation No. 653/2009 Rights And Benefits Of Outgoing Heads Of State And Government, Senior Government Officials, Members Of Parliament And Judges Proclamation



Proclamation No. 651/2009 Transaction Of Precious Minerals Proclamation



Proclamation No. 649/2009 The Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement And Property Administration Proclamation



Proclamation No. 656/2009 Montreal Protocol Amendment Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 654/2009 Flag Proclamation



Proclamation No. 648/2009 The Federal Government Of Ethiopia Financial Administration Proclamation



Proclamation No. 652/2009 A Proclamation On Anti-Terrorism



Proclamation No. 632/2009 Employment Exchange Services Proclamation



Proclamation No. 641/2009 Definition Of Powers And Duties Of The Executive Organs Of The Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia (Amendment) Proclamation



Proclamation No 642/2009 Definition Of Powers And Duties Of The Executive Organs Of The Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia (Amendment) Proclamation



Proclamation No. 639/2009 Civil Code (Amendment) Proclamation



Proclamation No. 635/2009 African-Eurasian Migratory Water Birds Agreement Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 634/2009 Convention To The Migratory Species Of Wild Animals Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 633/2009 Public Servants’ Pensions (As Amended) Proclamation




Regulation No. 166/2009 Work Permit Fees /As Amended/ Regulation




Proclamation No. 628/2009 The Control Of Harmful Anti Fouling Systems Convention Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 626/2009 Micro-Financing Business Proclamation




Proclamation No. 625/2009 The African Development Fund Supplementary Loan Agreement For The Ethio-Djibouti Power Interconnection Project Ratification Proclamation




Proclamation No. 624/2009 Ethiopian Building Proclamation Corrigendum No. 4/2009  



Regulation No. 165/2009 Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise Establishment Regulation



Regulation No. 164/2009 Income Tax (Amendment) Regulation



Proclamation No. 622/2009 Customs Proclamation



Regulation No. 163/2008 Wildlife Development, Conservation And Utilization Regulation



Proclamation No. 621/2009 Charities And Societies Proclamation



Regulation No. 162/2009 Irrigation Development Investment Incentives Regulation



Proclamation No. 616/2008 Civil Aviation Proclamation




Regulation No. 161/2009 Coffee Quality Control And Transaction Regulation



Regulation No. 160/2009 National Lottery Administration Re-establishment Regulation



Proclamation No. 620/2009 The Civil Liability For Bunker Oil Pollution Damage Convention Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 618/2008 Additional Protocol To The OAU General Convention On Privileges And Immunities Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 617/2008 Agreement For The Establishment Of The African Rehabilitation Institute Ratification Proclamation



Proclamation No. 608/2008 Income Tax (Amendment) Proclamation



Regulation No. 159/2008 Prevention Of Industrial Pollution Regulation



Regulation No. 158/2008 Government Communication Affairs Office Establishment Regulation