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Final Provisions


Art. 480.- Disciplinary powers
Any president of a court or presiding judge may take such action as may be necessary to ensure order in court and the administration of justice in accordance with the provisions of this Code and may summarily punish with a fine any party, pleader or other person who is guilty of improper conduct in the course of any proceedings.

Art. 481.- Summary punishment of certain offence
Any court may summarily punish flagrant offences committed involution of Art, 442,446 or 447 of the Penal Code, provided that in passing sentence for such an offence.
(a) a Woreda Guezat Court may only impose simple imprisonment not exceeding one year; and
(b) an Awradja Guezat Court may only impose rigorous imprisonment  not exceeding three years.

Art. 482.- Regulations
The Minister of Justice shall make regulations concerning any matter which under     this Code may or shall be prescribed.

Art. 483.- Power of Minister to make Rules.  
(1) The Minister of Justice may, from time to time, make Rules to add to, or to amend, the provisions of this Code:
provided that no rules shall be made inconsistent with the provisions of this Code dealing with the material jurisdiction (Arts. 12 to 18) and appellate jurisdiction (Arts. 321 to 322)of the Courts.
(2)     Rules made under this Article and under Article 482 shall be published in the Negarit Gazeta.