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7023 Bole Kifle Ketema, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Council of Ministers Regulations No. 70/2001 Ethiopian Mine Action Office Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations


 These Regulations are issued by the Council of Ministers pursuant to Article 5 of the Definitions of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995.

1. Short Title

These Regulations may be cited as the “Ethiopian Mine Action Office Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No. 70/2001.”

2. Establishment

1) The Ethiopian Mine Action Office (hereinafter referred to as “the office”) is hereby established as an autonomous legal entity.

2)  The Office shall be accountable to the Prime Minister.

3. Definition

In these Regulations “Explosives” means mines, shells unexploded ordinances scattered and mined and includes all other exploding remains of war.

4. Objectives

The office shall have the following objectives:

1)    Prevent explosives scattered and mined from causing damage to life, bodily injury, and property,

2)    Deactivate explosives in a manner they may not be used again;

3)    educate the public of the damages and injuries that may be caused by such explosive so that they take all care necessary:

5. Powers and Duties

The Office shall have the following powers and duties:

1)    conduct studies to identify place where such explosives are mined and scattered.

2)    Train specialists who will be engaged in the deactivation;

3)    engage in clearing and deactivation of explosives;

4)    educate the public in order to enable them acquire the necessary awareness about damages that could be caused by

such explosives thereby helping them to take all such necessary protective measures.

5)    establish offices in any part of the country in order to carry out its objectives;

6)    establish relations with domestic and foreign institutions and other organizations having similar objective;

7)    cooperate with organizations assigned to certify that the areas in which explosive scattered are cleared from such explosive;

8)    own property, enter into contracts, to sue, and be sued in its own name;

9)    charge for the services it renders.

10)    carry out other activities as are necessary for the attainment of its objectives.
6. Organization of the Office

The Office shall have:

1)    a Board;

2)    a Director;

3)    appropriate number of employees.

7. Members of the Board

The Office shall have a Board consisting of seven members appointed by the Government and drawn from among pertinent

institutions and public bodies.

8. Powers and Duties of the Board

The Board shall have the following powers and duties:

1)    ensure that the activities of the Office are carried out in accordance with its objectives;

2)    issue administrative policies of the Office;

3)    determine the organization of the Office, devise ways on how to consolidate and expand the office;

4)    appoint the Director of the Office;

5)    fix fees and charges to be paid to the office;

6)    approve the program and budget of the Office.

9. Meetings of the Board

1) The Board shall meet regularly once in a month.

2) The Board Chairman or at least two members of the Board may request for an emergency meeting at any time.

3) There shall be a quorum where half of the members are present at meetings.

4) Decisions of the Board shall be passed by a majority vote, provided, however, that the chairman shall have a casting vote in case of a tie.

5) Without prejudice to the provisions of this Article, the Board may issue its own rules of procedure.

10. Powers and Duties of the Director of the Office

1) The Director shall be the chief executive officer of the Office and shall, subject t the general directives of the Board, direct and administer the activities of the Office.

2) Without limiting the generality of Sub-Article (1) of this Article, the Director shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) implement the powers and duties bestowed upon the Office;

(b) employ and administer the staff of the office in accordance with the directives issued by the Board following the basic principles of Federal Civil Service laws;

(c) submit to the Board the annual work program and budget of the Office and implement same upon approval; and

(d) sign all agreements and contracts on behalf of the Office.

11. Budget

The budget of the Office shall be drawn from:

1)    Budgetary allocations by the Federal Government;

2)    Fees collected by the Office;

3)    Donations.

12. Books of Account and Auditing

1) The Office shall keep complete and accurate books of account.

2) The accounts and financial documents of the Office shall be audited annually by the Auditor General or by auditors designated by him.

13. Effective Date

These Regulations shall come into force as of the date of its publication in the Federal Negarit Gazeta.
Done at Addis Ababa, this 5th day of February, 2001