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Council of Ministers Regulation No.96/2003 Addis Ababa City Police Commission Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation


The Council of Ministers issues this regulation pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1994 and Article 24(4) of the Federal Police Commission Proclamation No. 313/2003.


1.    Short Title
This Regulation may be cited as “Addis Ababa City Police Commission Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 96/2003.”
2.    Definition
In this regulation, unless the context requires otherwise:
1.    “Police Officer” means a member of Addis Ababa City Administration Police Commission who has received police training in the police profession and is employed by the commission.
2.    “Addis Ababa Police Commission” means Addis Ababa City Administration Police Commission.
3.    “City Administration” means Addis Ababa City Administration.
4.    “Commissioner” means Commissioner of the Addis Ababa Police Commission.


3.    Establishment
1.    Addis Ababa City Administration Police Commission (here after referred as “The commission”) is hereby established having its own legal personality,
2.    Without prejudice to its legal and professional to the Federal Police Commission.
3.    The Federal Police Commission determines and follow up its implementation profession’s organization, procedure, training, policies pertaining to crime prevention and investigation, directions of strategy and standardization.
4.    The city Administration follow and determine on the commission’s plan, budget, assignment and day to day activity.

4.    Delegation
Among the powers and functions bestowed to the Federal Police Commission, the functions listed under this regulation are delegated to the City Administration to be undertaken by Addis Ababa City Police Commission.

5.    Objective
The objective of the Commission is to maintain peace and security of the dwellers under the city administration by complying to and enforcing the constitution and other laws of the country by preventing crime based on the participation of the people.

6.    Powers and Functions of the Commission
The Commission:-
1.    Except the jurisdictions given to Federal Criminal  Court in line with Article 4 of the Federal Courts Establishment Proclamation No. 25/1998 (as amended), has a power to prevent and investigate and crime in the city of Addis Ababa.
2.    Investigate and prevent crimes and petty offences that fall under the jurisdictions of the Addis Ababa Municipal Court that are stated under Article 41 Sub-Article (2) of the charter of Addis Ababa.
3.    Prevent any activities that jeopardize the administration by violating the charter of the City Administration.
4.    Prevent crimes against the interest and institutions of the City Administration.
5.    Safeguard the institutions of the City Administration.
6.    Give security protection to the higher officials of the City Administration.
7.    Execute orders or decisions of the federal municipal courts.
8.    Execute orders issued by the Federal Public Prosecutor and City Administration public prosecutor in regard to investigations of crime.
9.    Conduct citywide studies to enhance crime prevention and investigation and submit to the Federal Police Commission and to the City Administration.
10.    Collect and analyze criminal data that fall under the jurisdiction of the commission and report to Federal Police Commission and the City Administration.
11.    Exchange information and undertake coordinated activities with security organs.
12.    Enforce the rules and the flows of traffic in the City.
13.    Give patrol service to public and religious ceremonies, to sporting and other similar events.
14.    Enter in to contracts, sure and be sued in it’s own name.

7.    Structure of the Commission
The Commission of Addis Ababa City Administration shall have:
1.    A Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner to be appointed by the Minister of Federal Affairs as per the recommendation of the Federal Police Commissioner,
2.    A management council comprising of the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and department heads; and
3.    Other stuff necessary for its activities.

8.    Powers and Functions of the Management Council of the Commission
The Management Council shall:-
1.    Examine policy and strategic researches that help crime prevention and investigation in the city and submit the same to the Mayor of the City and to the Federal Police Commission with its recommendations.
2.    Examine studies pertaining to the organization, structure, and operation of the Commission; and submit along with the measures to be taken with its recommendations to the Federal Police Commission.
3.    Based on the Federal Police Commission decision that determine basic training strategy and standard, the Commission prepare its basic police officers training plan and submit to the City Administration for approval.
4.    Evaluate the annual plan, report and performance of the Commission and submit to the City mayor and to the Federal Police Commissioner with its recommendations.

9.    Powers and Functions of the Mayor
The mayor shall:-
1.    Direct and co-ordinate the Commission’s activities.
2.    Taking into account the recommendation given by the Federal Police Commission in regard to the report he receives from the Commission on the annual plan, budget, report and performance present to the City Council for appropriate decision.
3.    Examine organization, standardization and training research of the Commission and submit to the Federal Police Commission with recommendation.
4.    Strengthen the collusions and coordination of Dwellers for the activity of the Commission to enforce law and order in the city.

10.    Powers and Functions of the Commissioner
1.    The Addis Ababa City Administration Police Commissioner shall be accountable the the Federal Police commissioner and direct, coordinate the overall activities of the Commission.
2.    Without prejudice to the generality of Sub-Article (1) of this Article, the Commissioner shall:-
a)    In consultations with the City Administration recommend department heads of the Commission to be appointed by the Federal Police Commission;
b)    Execute regulations of the commission;
c)    Employ and administer the supporting staff other than those employed as police officer, in accordance with the Federal Civil Service Law;
d)    Cause studies to be made in regard to the organization, structure, procedure (operation) crime prevention and investigation activities;
e)    Prepare and submit the work plan and draft budget of the Commission to the mayor, and implement the same upon approval;
f)    Effect expenditures in accordance with the budget approved for the Commission, give order that auditing and inspections be under taken.
g)    Preside over the meeting of the management council.

11.    Powers and Functions of the Deputy Commissioner
1.    The Deputy Commissioner shall:-
a)    Assist the Commissioner in planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the functions of the Commission;
b)    Follow up part of the Commission’s departments by sharing functions in accordance with the structure of the Commission;
c)    Act on behalf of the Commissioner in the absence of the latter;
d)    Discharge other duties which may be specifically entrusted to him by the commissioner.
2.    The Deputy Commissioner shall be accountable to the Commissioner.

12.    Budget
The City Administration Council shall allocate the budget of the Commission.

13.    Books of Accounts
1.    The Commission shall keep complete and accurate books of accounts.
2.    The books of accounts and documents relating to finance shall be annually audited by the Auditor General or Auditor designated by him.


14.    The Application of Federal Police Proclamation Regulation
The provision stated under Article 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26 & 27 of Federal Police Commission Proclamation No. 313/2003 and Federal Police Commission Administration Regulation No. 86/2003 shall apply upon the Commission.

15.    Powers to Issue Directives
The Commission where it seems necessary may issue directives for the implementation of this regulation.

16.    Effective Date
This Regulation shall be effective on the date of its publication on the Negarit Gazeta.
Done at Addis Abba. This 7th day of November, 2003.