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Council of Ministers Regulation No. 40/1998 Health Education Center Establishment Regulation


These Regulations are issued by the Council of Ministers pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 4/1995.

1.    Short Title

These Regulations may be cited as the “Health Education Centre Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No. 40/1998.”

2.     Definition
In these Regulations;
1)    “Health Education” means an educationally oriented process of change, of behaviours or life styles that affect people’s health, that helps people to be responsible for their health and that of others and to make active participation in fruitful and useful activity;
2)     “Ministry” or Minister” means the Ministry or Minister of Health respectively.

3.    Establishment
1)    There is hereby established the Health Education Centre (hereinafter “the Centre”) as an autonomous Federal Government institution having its own legal personality.
2)    The Centre shall be accountable to the Ministry.

4.    Head Office
The cent shall have its head office in Addis Ababa and may have branch offices elsewhere as may be necessary.

5.    Objectives

The Centre shall have the following objectives;
1)    To coordinate health education activities at national level;
2)    To help, on the basis of the country’s health policy, increase health awareness and knowledge of the community and thereby bring about voluntary behavioural changes, use and participate in the health services and programmes established, prevent diseases and promote health.

6.    Powers and Duties
The Centre shall have the powers and duties to;
1)    Prepare national health education standards based on the country’s health policy and follow up its implementation;
2)     Cause the dissemination of lessons on major health and health related problems through appropriate media;
3)    Provide assistance to federal and regional government organs and to non-governmental bodies on health education matters;
4)    Cause basic health education to be given in schools and training institutions at all levels in cooperation with the appropriate organs and infuse them in the curriculum where necessary;
5)    Undertake research and studies on health education matters, publish and distribute health teaching materials based on the research findings and conduct further evaluation and monitoring to improve health education;
6)     Render professional consultancy services, conduct short-term trainings, workshops and symposiums as deemed necessary;
7)    Charge fees for the services it renders in accordance with directives to be issued by the government;
8)    Own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in its own name;
9)    Issue certificate to those who attend short courses on health education;
10)    Carry out such other activities as are necessary for the attainment of its objectives.

7.    Organization of the Centre
The Centre shall have:
1)    A Board;
2)    A General Manager and a Deputy General Manager appointed by the government upon the recommendation of the Minister; and
3)    The necessary staff.

8.    Members of the Board
The Board shall constitute seven members to be designated by the Government.

9.    Powers and Duties of the Board
The Board shall have the following powers and duties;
1)    Exercise overall direction and supervision of the activities of the Centre;
2)    Examine and submit to the Minister short and long term plan, as well as annual work programme and budget of the Centre, and ensure its implementation;
3)    Examine and approve the work programme of the Centre and follow up its implementation;
4)    Decide on such other matters submitted by the General Manager concerning the administration and management of the Centre.

10.    Meetings of the Board
1)    The Board shall meet three times a year; however, it may meet at any time at the request of the Chairman as may be necessary.
2)    There shall be a quorum where more than half of the members of the Board are present at its meetings.
3)    Any decision of the Board shall be passed by a majority vote of members present at a meeting; in case of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
4)    The Board may, without prejudice to the provisions of this Article, adopt its own rules of procedure.

11.    Powers and Duties of the General Manager
1)    The General Manager shall be the chief executive officer of the Centre and shall, subject to the general directives given to him by the board, direct and administer the activities of the Centre.
2)    Without limiting the generality of the provisions of sub-Article (1) of this Article the General Manager shall;
(a)    Exercise the powers and duties of the Centre specified under Article (6) of these Regulations;
(b)    Prepare, and submit to the Board, the annual plan, work programme and budget of the Centre and implement same upon approval;
(c)    Effect payments in accordance with the approved budget and work programme of the Centre;
(d)    Prepare and submit to the Board the operational and financial reports of the Centre;
(e)    Employ and administer the employees of the Centre in accordance with the federal civil service law;
(f)    Represent the Centre in all its dealings with third parties.
3)     The General Manager may delegate part of his powers and duties to the Deputy General Manager or to other officials and employees of the Centre to the extent necessary for the effective performance of the activities of the Centre

12.    Power and Duties of the Deputy General Manager
The Deputy General Manager shall;
1)    In the absence of the General Manager carry out the activities of the General Manager;
2)    Perform activities directed by the General Manager.

13.    Budget
1)    The budget of the Centre shall be drawn from the following sources;
(a)    Budgetary allocation by the federal government;
(b)    Service fees it collects; and
(c)    Any other source.
2)     The fund indicated in sub-Article (1) of this Article shall be deposited in a bank account to be opened in the name of the Centre and shall be expended to give effect to the objectives of the Centre.

14.    Books of Account
1)    The Centre shall keep complete and accurate books of account.
2)    The books of accounts and financial documents of the Centre shall be audited annually by the Auditor General or by an auditor designated by him.

15.    Effective Date
These Regulations shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Federal Negarit Gazeta.
Done at Addis Ababa, this 7th day of July, 1998.