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Atbia Dagnias with Summary Jurisdiction

Atbia Dagnias with Summary Jurisdiction

Art.223. – Jurisdiction.

(1)    The atbia dagnia shall whenever possible settle by compromise all cases arising out of the commission, within the local limits of his jurisdiction, of minor offences of insult, assault, petty damage to property or petty theft where the value of the property stolen does not exceed E. $5.
(2)    Where the atbia dabnia is unable to effect a compromise he may sitting with tow assessors adjudicate on such offences and on conviction impose a fine not exceeding E. $ 15.
(3)    The atbia dagnia shall cause a record to be kept which shall show:
(a)    The name of the accused.
(b)    The offence charged;
(c)    A summary of the evidence;
(d)    The opinion of the assessors;
(e)    Where the accused is convicted, the fine imposed.

Art.224. – Appeal.

An appeal shall lie from the decision of an atbia dagnia given in accordance with Art. 223 to the Woreda court exercising jurisdiction in such locality.