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7023 Bole Kifle Ketema, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

General Provisions

Article 1
Nomenclature of the State

This Constitution establishes a Federal and Democratic State structure. According, the Ethiopian state shall be known as The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Article 2
Ethiopian Territorial  Jurisdiction

The territorial jurisdiction of Ethiopia shall comprise the territory of the members of the Federation and its boundaries shall be as determined by international agreements.

Article 3
The Ethiopian Flag

1.    The Ethiopian flag shall consist of green at the top, yellow in the middle and red at the bottom, and shall have a national emblem at the center. The three colors shall be set horizontally in equal dimension.
2.    The national emblem on the flag shall reflect the hope of the Nations, Nationalities, Peoples as well as religious communities of Ethiopia to live together in equality and unity.
3.    Members of the Federation may have their respective flags and emblems and shall determine the details thereof through their respective legislatures.

Article 4
National Anthem of Ethiopia

The national anthem of Ethiopia, to be determined by law, shall reflect the ideals of the Constitution, the commitment of the Peoples of Ethiopia to live together in a democratic order and of their common destiny.

Article 5

1.    All Ethiopian languages shall enjoy equal state recognition.
2.    Amharic shall be the working language of the Federal government.
3.    Members of the Federation may be law determine their respective working language.

Article 6

1.    Any person of either sex shall be an Ethiopian national where both or either parent is Ethiopian.
2.    Foreign nationals may acquire Ethiopian nationality.
3.    Particulars relating to nationality shall be determined by law.

Article 7
Gender Reference

Provisions of this constitution set out in the masculine gender shall also apply to the feminine gender.